Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will You Love Me?

It's been a hectic day but here is a poem i wrote on January 28, 2009 and i hope you enjoy it. Love has many questions, but the most prevalent one i believe is will that person love you.
Will You Love Me?
So many questions I have for you
As we travel to our forever anew
The issues of love, trust and being together
Our tireless bonds that we dare not sever
Will you love me the way that I love you?
Or will you love me more than I ever knew
Will we live a beautiful and simplistic life?
Or complex, dramatic and full of strife
Will you love me in the morning or late at night?
Is your love like a mothers love, caring and full of life?
Or is it rude, crude and full of spite
See love transcends and transforms our logical being
Poorly understood but deeply felt and seen
It comforts and creates, but cuts deep like a knife
The most powerful emotion in this here life
Will you love me through thick and thin?
Will you love me from deep within?
Love me like you want to be loved
Our souls set free like the flying dove
Love me
Love me
Love me more
For I love you and only you I adore

Hope you enjoyed it and keep Love alive!

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