Thursday, March 10, 2016

Asshole, I Am

I guess by definition 
I'm what's considered an asshole 
A deplorable human 
Speaking the facts better left unsaid 
While ignoring my obvious flaws 
Finding a way to judge 
Finding a way to defer problems created by an ego 
Flawed by thoughts of supremacy 
But truly humanistic 
Waiting to be challenged 
And stumped 
Check your ego at the door 
Everyone here is equally judged 
But we're not God 
Just accountable 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr 2016 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Missing Link

I was never supposed to fit in 
Forcing me to view the world more expansively 
No stereotype could box me in 
Dictating a life I wasn't living 
Who are you to tell me 
I'm not who I am 
I'm uniquely me 
Created in inequity 
No one can judge me 
But the God whom created me 
Must I fit into a role 
Belated to clowns parading around in clothes already worn 
Must I be a fool for a cause 
A block I don't own 
People who don't give a fuck whether I starve or mourn 
Must I be whom you want me to be 
To fit into a society 
Pretending to be 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr 2016