Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ready to Love

Why is it hard for good men to find quality women? 
Quality women have been hurt by lackluster men 
Good men have been wrecked by conniving women 
Relationships which were supposed to be built on loyalty and trust are brought down 
Brought down by fear and insecurity 
The sexes just don’t trust the sex 
They confuse the love for the lust and the lust for the unfulfilled desires they harbor in their hearts 
These hearts nowadays 
Built by distrust and reckless love 
Fooled by the independent nature of a woman who isn’t whole without a loving man 
Tricked by the man that claims to have it all but is lost without a loving woman 
We weave a difficult story of love 
We constantly lie on love 
Confusing its different variants with the actual identity of love 
We’ll never achieve the love our creator contrived for us 
Unless we’re willing to let go of earthly love 
Let go of egos and false love 
Let go of arrogance and player roles 
Are we willing to love as God does? 
Sacrifice and be loyal to one lady 
One man 
Forget the jealousies of our best friends 
Our worst enemies 
Are we willing to love unconditionally? 
As our creator does 
Are we really ready for love? 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014


Lost in thoughts and emotions 
Tired of pretending everything is ok 
I’m not ok 
I’m lost in the wilderness that is this new normal 
Locked in the dark recesses of my mind 
Locked inside the box that has developed around me 
Locked out of happiness and joy 
Locked from the progression of life 
Crying endlessly mourning profusely 
When will this season end, when will my beginning begin again? 
Hope is a dream unreachable, a goal unfulfilled 
Hope is a falsehood a faint point of recognizable deceit 
Is it all a dream? 
Or is the reality the dream we couldn’t believe to be true? 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014