Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is wonderful that over the years this dreadful disease is finally getting recognized and awareness is brought to it. We must be cognizant that awareness for this devastating disease isn't just limited to one month and we must do our part to uplift and remember those who are suffering, survivors, and the ones who have now have to suffer no more. There will be rallies, marches, pink bumper stickers, charity donations and the like, but the most important thing we can do this month is celebrate the survivors and remember those that have fallen to breast cancer. 
 The common misconception is that this is solely a woman issue, but the facts are men get breast cancer as well. Breast cancer is very rare in men, and men only account for 1% of all cases, but the issue has gained more traction and shined a larger spotlight on breast cancer. There have been significant strides in the fight against breast cancer as well as other cancers. 
 Although many of these breakthroughs require more testing, strides are being made and more attention is being paid to this issue. We can all take a note from the breast cancer fighters, with tenacious enthusiasm and hard work you can bring light to issues affecting you and your community. 
 So get out and support Breast Cancer Awareness and get involved with other issues. Grassroots is the key to spotlighting problems and finding solutions.

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