Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Misconception of Love

People looking for signs and titles missed the whole point of love. Love has no earthly bounds; it's a gift from God. Love is supposed to grow and progress if it's stagnant, either the two souls need to work towards one or it's just lust masquerading as love. You shouldn't have to look for love in a so-called relationship, it should be so abundant, it's undeniable. Love isn't flowers, cards, jewelry, contracts or things; love is the feeling of your soul binding with another soul. The feeling of the freshly fallen dew, refreshing and nourishing to the Earth, is as refreshing as love should feel to you. 
Love is a sacrifice, but not of worldly things, but of the true essence of yourself for the betterment of the one soul you've become with that other person. Love isn't giving and taking, it isn't selfish and it's not always kind. Love hurts, but not physically or mentally damaging. The world shouldn't see so called love as a bruise or abused heart. Love is God's gift to you and the only solution to the world’s problems. 
As a society, we left the concept of love in the past. Our ancestors even with limited freedoms, education, wealth, and power, knew that the true power of the family lies in the fact that everyone in our community loves and protects each other. Our world with all of the technical advancements and social networks can't simply love thy fellow man, honor thy father and mother, love our families and ultimately love God. Until we understand the true meaning of love, we'll forever look for a sign, we'll forever be doomed to loneliness, we'll forever make excuses for our existence. One of our biggest goals on earth isn't to get rich, be successful or any other material goal or want, our goal on earth is to learn to love unconditionally and apply it the same! 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014