Monday, December 31, 2012

The Angry KC Chiefs Fan

Hi, I’m Tony Jefferson, and I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Sounds like one of those self help meetings, I know. This season and nearly every season before has been woeful, terrible, depressing and all manner of other words that describe a negative feeling. 
 This morning the Chiefs fired one little piece of the problem in Coach Romeo Crennel, but Chiefs problems run much deeper. Chiefs General Manager, Scott Pioli needs to be fired as well as majority of the staff, coaches, water boys, towel boys, and medical staff. Clark Hunt needs to completely clean house in Kansas City. 
 The Kansas City Chiefs need a decent Quarterback at the very least, and a good tandem of an offensive and defensive coach with a head coach that is capable of both. Jamaal Charles and Shaun Draughn need a decent young Running back to mold and train for the inevitable day when they retire or get hurt. Player development has been a huge letdown for the Chiefs for years and for once they need to address that. The Chiefs are always just throwing together a team and hoping for the best and that’s not how you develop a team and definitely not how you win games. 
Another Lost Season In Kansas City