Monday, November 24, 2014

America's Conundrum

I'm not surprised at the indictment; I'm not surprised at many things in this country. The rudeness and ineptitude of the VA, the death of so many innocent black youths, the eroding race relations despite the false pretense of racial harmony, the way the law and justice departments of the US continually destroy the process of justice. I'm not surprised at the process of law that is applied in this country. America, you wonder why Veteran suicides are so high, why crime is rampant and increasing in urban communities, why the American way isn't working? It's not working because life just doesn't happen as perfectly as you might think life in America taught generations of African Americans to be mistrustful of the government and the process of law. 
Life taught me to be cautious and respectful of the due process, due process hasn’t yielded any progress. I apologize for being black, for being poor, for being under classed. I apologize for the sacrifice I made; I apologize for being your slave, for sending me to my early grave for I know it’s me you hate, yes I apologize.  

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014 

Inspired by Oscar Brown Jr.