Thursday, June 23, 2016

America's Bloodlust

Rivers of blood flowing through a majestic land 
Endless tears cried 
When even kids have died 
In this great land  
Of America 
Much like a third world 
Our greed and blood thirst 
Has gotten worse 
I believe America is cursed 
From her own blood lust 
Legions of disease brought by evil beings 
Wiping out native lands 
And killing off native beings 
Backs of the children of Africa bled for profit 
Generations of so-called minorities  
Destroyed by ole Jim Crow 
But oh how our bloodlust grew 
We fought wars with poor bodies for rich profit 
Then left those same poor to die in waiting for lines from a broken bureaucracy 
Now a lunatic with a cause 
Caused by generations of systematic hate and marginalization 
Makes the chickens come home 
Roosting in whatever community 
The majority hates 
Such hate and evil never reside in place 
The suburbs are getting a taste 
Of the neglect felt by the inner city 
Urban centers 
The ghettos and hoods 
Or whatever other phrase used to dissociate America 
From it’s poor, neglected few 
The blood lust overflows rivers 
Flowing into every facet of America 
Now they must open those eyes 
As painful as it may be 
America was never great 
We just had a very big rug to sweep it under 
Once those eyes are open and clear 
We’ll see the destruction of human bodies 
Unite to prevent more human fatalities 
Or we can trust the system 
A piece of paper never gave us freedom, we took it for ourselves 
Inaction never fixes problems but actions speak loudly 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2016