Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lust of the Forbidden

A powerful feeling overcomes us 
Forbidden acts feel so right 
Your heart belongs to another, but tonight you’re here with me 
This burning passion 
This act of betrayal 
Excites the feelings of lust within us 
The pure animal lust 
The temptation of the night drives us to explore our sexual fantasies 
Our lips interlock 
My hands explore 
I touch you like he can’t 
Bringing you feelings of intense pleasure 
Our bodies aren't one 
But in this moment we can pretend 
Our minds at ease 
Our transgressions of the night 
Shadowed in the heat of the moment 
Deep into our lust making 
Your pleasure hits heights unknown before our session 
Every thrust brings you closer to your peak 
Every sound utterly brings me closer to my goal 
We explode in unison 
The feeling is immensely pleasurable and intense 
Only for one night 
Our souls become one 
Our hearts beat in rhythm 
The secret of our lust making remains intact 
The lust of the forbidden disappears in the night 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2008

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