Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take The Reigns

As I observe the development of my children, every day I see them becoming more and more independent. Gone are the days of 100% dependence on the parents, now it's, I'll do it or let me do it. I smile at this and pat myself on the back. There is, however, a slightly sad point to this. The more independent they become the less they'll need me. Isn't that the point of parenting, though, to raise children into independent thinking adults? 
 Speaking of them brings up a very interesting point. Some of us haven't truly grown up. We don't take the reigns as they say. We live in a world full of chaos and the saving grace is we can control the majority of our part in it. Taking the reigns is basically taking control of your life, living it the way you feel necessary to achieve what you want and need in life. 
 Many of us have a dependency on something, some little minute factor in life that we just can't seem to live without. Too often some apply this to their whole life. Constantly looking for someone else to take care of them and guide them. Constantly depending on others to lead your life is not taking the reigns, it's taking a back seat and you're slowly approaching a cliff that others can't steer you from. Only you can control your life successfully anything else is just a fail waiting to happen. 
 Life changes constantly and if we're not in control of our own life, we'll never have a plan b, c, or etc. We'll never learn from mistakes we make because there is always someone taking the fall for you. Take the reigns of your own life, it's what being an adult is all about. As children, we can't wait to see the day where we're totally independent of our parent's rules and home. Yet, some fall over themselves to get back to it once they get a hint of the real world. 
 It is good to have supportive people around you, that from time to time can advise you on certain matters, but ultimately you are responsible for the trajectory of your life. You can't declare yourself an independent anything if you still depend on someone else for your income, housing and way of life. You can't say you did it all yourself and you only put in 20% of the work. It kills me when I see certain things in the social media world, where someone is portraying a life they are nowhere close to living. You can't expect to be respected as an adult if you're not taking care of the important aspects of living an adult life. 
 Dependency is a sickness that only you can cure a little help never hurt anyone, but too much and you're not you and someone else an take credit for your life. Don't let someone else take that from you. Get up, get on your feet, break the bond of dependency and TAKE THE REIGNS!!!

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