Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ramblings of a Gifted Mind

The gibberish I speak is like no other 
Closed minds can not conceive my train of thought 
I speak of old days and new 
Pleasure and pain 
Passion and discontent 
I speak volumes not yet written 
No one knows my struggle 
I embrace the inspiration and let the words flow 
Like the waters of a raging river 
My words don’t fall they rise 
Even the deaf can hear me speak 
The blind see the writings on the wall 
The power of my pen is mighty 
Conquering  enemies and uplifting souls with my gospel 
Words are my freedom 
Words make me whole 
They take me to other times in the fabric of existence 
God has given me a gift to see beyond the borders of reality 
Outside the box of oppression 
My words stick in your mind 
Control your every move 
Impacting your mind, body, and soul 
Putting your person in perfect harmony 
Taking you to another level of emotions 
Warping your state of mind at my beaconing 
I control your attention and I demand respect 
My words can lift you higher than the tallest mountain 
Send you tumbling back down in despair 
My concept of reality is whatever I imagine 
I make words that influence 
Like drugs affect your hormones 
My words leave you like a fiend wanting more 
My words are a gift to mankind 
A gift to the seeds of future generations 
Take heed my Brothas and Sistas 
For I stand with you in the fight against injustice, hatred, and greed 
Like my forefathers fought for my generation to live free 
I set the standard for my deeds 
I’m with you through thick and thin 
Blood is thicker than water and all the people of the world are my blood and I am theirs
Accomplish, Achieve, Succeed and remember these Ramblings of a Gifted Mind 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2008

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