Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Bullet That Didn’t

Scars left by hollow tips 
Hollow hearts empty of feeling 
The proverbial gun blast of us exploded in one ugly moment 
Fragmenting a once promising love 
Splitting us like firewood 
Making us two 
Hearts that beat as one 
Instead of one 
Minds that merged into a single body 
No more 
The damage is done, or is it? 
Were the shots misdirected as you tremble with emotion 
Striking fear and mental barbs 
Trying to love a loose cannon 
Whose wick is short and fuse not stable 
I lit a match to see into your darkness 
Accidentally sparking a life spiraling toward me 
Twisting and turning with such velocity 
Determined and ready to explode on contact 
Shattering my heart to pieces 
From one misguided shot 
The bullet knows no pain 
It is cold, heartless and without a soul 
It has no name unless assigned 
It has no shame unless defined 
You shot at me with Hate, not Love 
It must have deflected or hit a wall 
Cause as usual I come out unscathed 
The bullet that didn’t explode that day 
One shot through the Heart without breaking the Skin 
Tony Lavale Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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