Sunday, January 6, 2013

Domestically Unstable

His temper rages 
Unaffected by the love shown in your eyes 
This is a hurt you have felt many times before 
His words always spiteful, his eyes always cold 
Where did your love go wrong? 
He was a nice gentleman 
Forcing you to ignore the signs 
That sweep you off your feet type love 
Doesn't last always 
That love so passionate and true has with time turned sour 
The first time he hits you and that pain 
Isn’t just physical 
You feel it deep in your heart 
How could someone that claims to love you hit you like this? 
When will it end? 
You sleep with one eye open 
For fear that you won’t see the light of day 
Why do I stay you ask 
His words bring you back 
Promises of positive things and better days 
It’s an offer you can’t refuse 
His rage is random and uncontrollable 
What did you do to deserve this? 
The physical abuse is unbearable 
You take it because in your mind you have nowhere to go 
No one to turn to 
The mental abuse leaves you emotionally drained 
Numb to any regular feeling 
His words cut like a knife 
The things he says are beyond hurtful 
In the public eye 
It’s obvious the change in your heart 
You attempt to hide your scars 
Your friends give you knowing looks 
You pretend to be happy around your family 
Deep inside you know something has to be done 
Your mind is a mass of confusion 
You contemplate killing yourself, but what would it accomplish 
Your mind turns to your family and friends 
You're no longer in this world as your mind wanders 
You have become accustomed to this 
A slap brings you back to the reality of it all 
Fight back 
Get help 
Get away 
Before the blood flows 
Before you have breathed your last breath 
This isn’t love 
This isn’t the end of the world 
Feel my words 
Feel real love 
Feel affection 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2008

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