Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Living with Depression

Living with depression is not as easy as it seems, you can only mask so much of what is unfortunately felt. I’ve lived with this scrounge for many years each traumatic life event adding to the pain till it’s an everyday inevitability. Some days are better than others but depression is like another human being carried on your back, you try your best to shake them off but they hold on for dear life. At times that person becomes you and consumes your very soul. 
 Depression is more than a disease, it’s a living breathing being. A greatly influential individual but also very dependent. At times you seem dependent on it, it’s become so much a part of your life that you often reach for a familiar place, even though it’s full of pain. See, there are different forms of depression, seasonal, situation etc. Some forms, however, last every day of your life. 
 Some may think depression makes you weak or soft, it hardens you. You have an immunity to many new emotions because you are in a constant state of emotional turmoil. You do cry, but the tears aren’t always visible. They are silent tears, cried every day by millions. I don’t write this so you will feel sorry for me or others who suffer from depression. I’m just writing so you understand an aspect of a life lived by millions. 
 Depression is a living and breathing mess that consumes your everyday life. It leaves you feeling alone in a crowded world, loveless even when love abounds, sad even at the happiest times of your life. There isn’t a cure, there is only so much counseling and medicine can do, but they do help to cope. The most important thing about depression is managing it. 
 Some would never know I suffer from everyday depression because I manage it well. I’m not perfect and I have my times where I am at my lowest possible point. Thing is, I know deep down that life can’t end this way so I pick myself up and drive on. Depression isn’t a death sentence, it isn’t an ending to a happy life, it’s a way of living that you can’t exactly change, so you just go on living, hoping for better days. 
 If you know someone suffering from depression, don’t ignore them, get them help. Everyone handles it differently and it’s important to get help to find out how they cope so more help is available  As with everything in the world, understanding and love can solve even our most troublesome problems. Understand depression now!

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