Saturday, January 26, 2013

One Moment in Time

While taking a walk this morning, I realized just how much we don’t enjoy the simple aspects of life. The nice cool breeze invigorated me, the snow capped mountains awed me, and the sky was a beautiful shade of gray with hints of blue nature speaking to me. Nature was telling me to come back, if only for a little while, enjoy what I have to offer. Let your cares and worries travel with the wind and replace them with peaceful, carefree thoughts. I wanted the feeling to last forever because it was then that I truly felt free. At that particular moment, I was not bound by politics, policies, laws, rules and other hindrances that society heaps on us. My life wasn't in danger and I was alone with my new thoughts. 
 I forgot the pain that fills my body daily and let it melt into the earth’s core. I was truly at peace, as close to heaven as we’ll get here I suppose. When I came back to reality it wasn't as harsh a transition as I imagined, it was slow and meticulous. See, you can live in reality and not let it truly affect you constantly. You can find peace on earth, if only for a moment in time. If you are one day feeling stressed and in duress, take that moment, that one moment in time, breathe deep and realize that you control your life, not the circumstances at hand. 
 No one gave me a silver spoon, I made one myself, slightly tarnished from years of rough living. The rungs on my ladder were broken by society, but I still found a way up. Life chewed me up spit me out and buried me for the world to never see again, but I grew roots and sprouted leaves revealing a beautiful flower for the entire world to see. Love can’t be destroyed, it’s only transferred always blossoming and growing. Love constantly combats hate and all you need is one moment in time to realize that peace through love can be achieved. 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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