Monday, January 14, 2013

Wake Up

This morning my 2-year-old daughter repeatedly told me to wake up, she's my own personal alarm clock if you may. You can receive a lot of inspiration from children and today was one  of those days for me. She not only woke me physically but mentally. I became aware, from her simple words, that most of us live in a slumber. Most are asleep mentally, never waking but merely just going through life in zombie-like fashion. 
 “Wake up Daddy!” Wake Up she screamed. Something about those simple words really did wake me up or maybe it was her very high pitch. I'm not perfect and like most I merely slumbered through life sleeping on possibilities and willfully ignoring important instances of life. The thing with children is they are awake but don’t truly understand the world as we do, but if we just took a small amount of their enthusiasm and energy we would be more productive adults. We consistently go through life just taking it at face value instead of really looking at the deeper meaning of it. 
 Wake up to the different aspects, different meanings and try your best to cultivate them. Certain things in life only come around every so often and we often fail to take full advantage of these opportunities. We listen to propaganda and form biased opinions without doing the actual research ourselves. Even with things that directly affect our lives, we are awake physically but we haven’t truly awakened. 
 If not for yourself wake up for your family. Teach them not to take the face value of everything and research for yourself. Form your opinions only if you have all the knowledge you can possibly have. You can open up a whole world of possibilities by just waking up. We are often in this day in age too lazy to do things and try to find the easy way out, rather than putting the work in and receiving the best result. 

I would like to teach my children the value of hard work, an art form lost on later generations and the I want it now society. The more time you put in the bigger the reward received. "1 percent inspiration 99 percent perspiration" as Thomas Edison once said. There is the idea and then there is the work to implement the idea. As we think so we are if we are proactive.  
So Wake Up America and the World, stop just thinking and become doers. 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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