Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Got Soul

Through the darkness 
 We rise 
 With roots deeper than the great oaks 
 Those roots trace back to Kings and Queens 
 Mighty warriors with great esteem 
 From our head to our toes 
 We are a wonder to behold 
 Feared as a culture yet clouded in mystery 
 With swagger and confidence 
 We reign supreme 
 But our soul weeps 
 Years of oppression of our minds 
 Leave us trapped in a jail cell of our own ignorance 
 Our spirit shall weep no more 
 For we stand strong and unmatched in will 
 A fire moves within us 
 Burning with desire 
 Fueling our emotions 
 From the ashes we rise 
 Like a phoenix reborn 
 We got soul 
 Hidden inside our exterior 
 Our body but a shell 
 Our mind but a cage 
 Soon to reveal our inner strength 
 Our soul will be set free 
 We got soul 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2008

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