Friday, January 4, 2013

Road Trips

As a child, I loved road trips, even if it was just a 15-minute ride to Walmart. Road trips kill the boredom of sitting around the house and even if you have no particular destination it’s always fun to just get up and go. On road trips you feel free, energized and ready to take on the world, ready to see the open country, beaches, mountains, rivers, and valleys. I see in my children that same sense of adventure and excitement, even if it’s just a run to the store. 

We must remember that road trips can get boring as well. There are many ways to counter the boredom such as driving scenic routes pointing out weird natural formations, people watching, playing games like car color or state tags, bringing along a good book to read, movies, songs, and etc. Road trips strengthen family bonds because it gives you and your family a time to talk, play and just be around each other. You are taking a break from your hectic life to actually be a family. 

One of the best parts of road trips is trying new things such as the local cuisine, all of the foodies of the world unite! When I say local cuisine, I don’t mean McDonalds or some fast food joint, I mean the places where the guy has a smoker or grill behind his store cooking up delicious delights. Everyone has their own style of BBQ and I intend to try them all. There are also specialty restaurants such as Crave Burger in Colorado Springs where they serve tasty burgers with all and I do mean all of the fixings. 
Road trip adventures are a great way to burn off the calories gained from the many types of food you have tried along the way. Hiking in the mountains, running on the beach, walking a strip in a major city or getting in touch with nature in the country. I like to get out and explore the land, smell the air, be in the scene of the moment. The kids will enjoy the time to stretch the legs and genuinely like the adventure. It get’s them back to connecting to the world naturally, even for a moment rather than through a wired or wireless connection. 
Different shops and stores will pop up on your trip, make sure to check them out. Most are hidden gems owned by hard working people and not some corporate conglomerate. Chocolate shops, book stores, jewelry, clothing, odds and ends, glass blowing, etc. 

For road trips, you have to love travel, love spending time with family, love nature, and love people. Most of all just Love and enjoy your next adventure. Road trips are a breath of fresh air!!!

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