Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Arkansas O Arkansas

Arkansas O Arkansas 
How I miss thee 
Blue skies and pristine beauty 
Lushes forest and clear streams 
Arkansas O Arkansas 
You are beautiful to me 
Your politics are sour and racial harmony poor 
We’re in the 21st century not before the World Wars 
Your natural beauty is shining brightly 
I just wish you weren’t a state of hate 
The future looks ok, but there is still work to do 
Arkansas O Arkansas 
What am I to do with you 
I thought about moving back 
Thought long and hard 
I just don’t think you are up to par 
Education is lacking and finance is weak 
But you are trying 
I see you are 
But until it’s fixed I shall stay where I am 
I miss the green grass and humidity 
The rolling plains and even the swamp land 
But your people are suffering and falling behind 
We’ll see how it all goes with time 
I do miss home, but so much has changed 
I just wish you the best 
Hopefully, time is good to you 
Arkansas O Arkansas 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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