Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Liquid Death

The inner city is a harsh reality, but drug abuse occurs in every sect of society from uber rich to the lowly poor. I wrote this poem January 16, 2009 to illustrate the thought process behind the feeling of being high and the misery of street life. So here is Liquid Death.

Liquid Death

Into her arm goes the sweetest relief
A beautiful disaster of liquid death doubled with a touch of nose candy
She’s hitting the edge of death wishing for it to take her away
But death won’t come to the willing
Numb is the only emotion felt, not an emotion but a voidance of life while living
Independence without experience took her places she shouldn’t have gone
Introducing her to liquid death
Against the wishes of her family and friends she stood defiant
Till one day they left her crying
Neglected for so long
Wasting away in a grimy shack
With the man who took her life through Hell
Breaking her face on the nasty sheetrock walls
The slums are filled with the screaming agony of suffering
Echoing down the alleyways like a an escaping soul
A bleak existence compared to what once was
A beauty queen so long ago
With dangerous curves and southern charm
Degraded to a hood rat drug fiend
Curves lost with time
She remembers between cycles of a drunken stupor
What once was and what could have been
She remembers the good times and the bad
But nothing compares to the pain that’s felt in her current reality
She must make an escape but he entices her with her weakness for liquid death
But she must escape
Escape from him
Escape from this life
Escape from liquid death

So, i hope you enjoyed the poem and if you like it share and comment. Once again thanks for reading.

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