Friday, January 25, 2013

Artful Release

Often as people we have our different ways of winding down and releasing. As a writer my way is through the written word. I've always had a thing for words, they define my life in ways once impossible. I wrote this poem January 9, 2009 after a bout with "Writers Block". My head felt heavy and my thoughts were scrambled and felt as if they were taking up space in my brain. So here is Artful Release.

Artful Release

The pressure is building in my brain
A release! A release! Oh my I need a release!
Annoying voices my ears do hear
Like the flight of a mosquito buzzing a little too close
I swat at one but I can’t fight them all
So much tension
Pent up frustration
It seems at times my mind will explode
Or I lose all restraint and come to blows
Lend me your ear
So you can hear
The mountain of anxiety I must bear
Weeks and weeks
Months and months
Years and years of hidden tears
Brought about by age old fears
My release won’t come
It’s artfully hidden
So I continue with a desire of the driven
Artfully releasing what once was unwritten

Hopefully you enjoyed this piece. It came to me after a little reflection. As always if you like it comment and share!

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