Friday, January 25, 2013

Artful Release

The pressure is building in my brain 
A release! A release! Oh, my I need a release! 
Annoying voices my ears do hear 
Like the flight of a mosquito buzzing a little too close 
I swat at one but I can’t fight them all 
So much tension 
Pent up frustration 
It seems at times my mind will explode 
Or I lose all restraint and come to blows 
Lend me your ear 
So you can hear 
The mountain of anxiety I must bear 
Weeks and weeks 
Months and months 
Years and years of hidden tears 
Brought about by age-old fears 
My release won’t come 
It’s artfully hidden 
So I continue with a desire of the driven 
Artfully releasing what once was unwritten 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2009

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