Monday, January 7, 2013

She Was a Lonely Child

The struggles that become this child 
This lonely child of God 
Stay with her permanently throughout the scores of her lifetime 
She is a lonely child trying to find her way in this reality of hate and greed  
A reality fueled by hurt and shame 
Violence and trepidation 
Steadfast she stands against the trials and tribulations 
To be relieved of her old shell of defeat 
Many a day she faces a different tasking 
A different test of her faith 
While corruption and lust beat down upon her 
She stands against the weary grind of life 
Never faltering 
Never failing to realize her potential worth in this life of hardship 
Day by day she continues to strive for glory 
For her piece of the great American dream 
Set forth by Americas forefathers and fought for by her ancestors 
Temptation flies in from all corners 
Bombarding her with reasons to stray from her higher path in life 
Her inspiration is the great icons that prevailed before her time 
She is the here now 
The future seed planted in the garden of civilization 
From that seed grows all of her hopes, dreams, goals and accomplishments 
Her roots grow into the ground making her foundation strong 
Buried but remembered are the evils, transgressions, fears and shortcomings 
Remembered because they help her grow in faith and love 
Loneliness is not a bad thing all the time 
This loneliness our human minds can’t grasp immediately 
It’s the loneliness that makes us look into ourselves and see the gift given us 
To see the potential to succeed no matter what troubles our paths 
We too can be the lonely children 
Making ourselves stronger and better 
So we can touch another life in the same fashion 
Sometimes life makes it so that we feel that we're the only ones with problems 
The only ones making things happen 
The only ones praying for a better day 
A day where our future is brighter in the present and brighter than the past 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2008

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