Saturday, June 29, 2013

From Something to Nothing, Poverty Kills

Deep in a forgotten alley 
Beneath today's paper lies  
Someone that once was 
A father but the courts took his rights 
A son but his mother has long passed 
His own father but a figment of a different time 
He doesn't seem to know the time 
It has forgotten him as well 
He is homeless, poor and the face of poverty 
Empty of emotion and life 
He’s a shell with cracks showing 
Cracks lined along wrinkled skin 
Hardened by the streets he lives in 
Hopeless or should I say loveless 
No one seems to respect a man who has less 
Although through his veins rivers run deep 
The blood of kings and queens 
His deep black skin tells the truth of America 
In his moment of glory, the plot was already thickening 
He was rising like the morning sun 
Full of promise and great potential 
He would not bend and break by societal rules 
He couldn’t conform to those capitalistic dues 
He became a martyr of a forgotten cause 
The face of poverty 
Wounded by capitalism 
Tricked by socialism 
Made dependent by Democrats 
Trampled by Republicans 
Forgotten by society 
But blamed for societal ills 
He embodies poor, poverty, minority, the underdog 
He is human 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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