Thursday, June 6, 2013

Breaking the Chains of Cancer by Stephanie Curry

Cancer is a life changing and hard fought battle for survival. As hard as it is just to have the disease, it's an even harder fight to try to maintain or keep medical coverage. As medical bills mount and life get's harder it's always good to know that family remains close. 
 Jacqueline Newsom is like any other lady; she's strong, determined, hardworking, a mother, daughter, sister, fiance, and friend. At 28, the last thing you're worried about is cancer, the last thing you're worried about is the huge lifestyle change serious medical conditions can have on yourself and your family. Jackie has to deal with that daily. 
 The fight is never easy and so we ask for your help. Maybe you've had a similar experience, maybe you're going through some of the same tough decisions we have faced and will face in the future. We only ask as humbly as we can, we ask with open arms and open hearts for your help. 
 Read the story written by Jackie's wonderful siblings!

JackieN:Breaking the Chains of Cancer by Stephanie Curry - GoFundMe


  1. I've just read the story and my sincere prayers go out to Jackie and all her family/friends. I hope she will raise enough funds to cover her care and all the necessary treatments for the cancer AND I hope that some legal expert will come forward who is able to deal with this insurance company.