Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Forsaken City

The culture of deceit rises high 
High enough to touch the grimy sky 
Filled with the cries of the forsaken, the forgotten, the cursed 
Misery coats the city streets with greed and depression 
The people no longer care 
Numb to any positive light that might shine upon them 
Beautiful people 
Masked by the ugliness of the environment that preys upon their sanity 
Forsaken, defeated, trampled by the rising cost of living 
The lights struggle to stay lit 
The water comes out in chunks 
The leaders of the city are but figureheads with a status 
They don’t know the struggle of the people 
Or they do but do they really care 
As long as they can sit fat at the table of success 
No one else in the city matters a bit 
So the crime rises and takes hold 
The drugs become bold and strangle the life out of the youth 
Good friends turn to enemies 
And the people forget their own kind 
They just exist, not truly living 
Working but not succeeding 
Liking but not loving 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2009

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