Thursday, February 14, 2013

Commercialized Love

Should I buy you the candy chocolate and sweets, maybe a big balloon and a dozen roses? I guess the Love we show daily isn't enough for ole Saint Valentine; he wants to buy, sell and market our guilt. The guilt some feel if they haven't loved enough, the guilt of a cheater, the guilt of an abuser or the guilt of an absent lover.  
 Money can't buy love it only buys you a day of bliss and the sting of betrayal at that goodbye kiss. 
My Love gets to stay forever, not temporarily on one day. I get to see the highs and lows of one instead of dealing with many.  
 Commercialized love is not real love, real love can never be duplicated. Real love is a mother’s touch, a father guiding hand, a wife’s commitment, a husband’s sacrifice, a girlfriend’s promise, and a boyfriend's care. Real love lasts a lifetime, no special days needed, it grows, blossoms and matures. 
 Valentine’s Day isn't an evil day, it’s for those who don’t understand love, it’s for those temporary couples, that transient love, the love that lasts a month maybe and not 50 golden years or more. Valentine’s Day is a day to explore if you truly love the person you're with, to see if they have the potential. So it is good for something, but there isn't a need to go waste huge sums of money, the love you show daily builds from yesterday, there is no peak with love, there are mountains to climb and valleys to climb out of. 
 So if you haven’t started that real love, today is a good day to start. Break away from Commercialized love and step into Real Love. 
 Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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