Wednesday, February 6, 2013

After The Storm

The road is not always paved with diamonds and gold, but at the end of a long journey on rocky roads, you tend to sometimes reach a goal. After the rains have passed and the sun is shining brightly once again, not a cloud in the sky can ruin the light. As we come to certain junctures in life, certain forks in the road, we know we have options, we have choices to make about how we want to live and how we want to continue after loss or fail. We don't always win, but even in our loss we see glimmers of hope breaking through like sun rays through the clouds. 
 Our time on Earth is short and precious, but when God calls us home it's our time to go, we have completed our goals and if we are blessed enough our legacy will echo in the walls of time. The storm left behind after a loved one dies isn't refreshing, it isn't comforting, it isn't renewing. It's painful, with stinging rain and loud thunder the freezing cold chills you numbing what once loved, dampening your soul as the heartless pools of sorrow puddle around your heart. 
 We find salvation in our own ways, mine was when the sun parted the clouds on a dreary day filled with fog and slight rain when another soul entered heaven's realm. We find peace in not necessarily by knowing, but by feeling. It's a feeling you feel that lets you know that all is good, not knowing if it is in reality. Love heals all but sometimes we reject it because it hurts to try it again, but we know we must in order to feel normal. It's all about feelings. 
 Feelings are the one true emotion, all of the words and emotions combined into one true form. After the storm after all of the rain has passed, the sun shall shine again. 
 Death isn't the end, it's the beginning of another life. 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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