Thursday, July 3, 2014

Clipped Wings

I came to the earth with clipped wings 
Already fallen 
I was but a shell waiting to rise again to my former prominence 
Born into innocence and sin my path was chosen 
The struggle of life is but a figment of your reality 
Is it really a struggle or missed opportunities we’ve missed and are paying for 
Maybe we should try listening 
Listening to the soft song of the mourning dove 
The music of the morning when God has yet again given us breath 
I came to earth with clipped wings 
A sinner upon birth 
I was born to love unconditionally 
Society told me to love selectively 
Denying my fellow beings the love that they need 
They told me to love as Christ loves, but at the same time they said it’s relative 
The double speak of simple minded humans, who don’t know permanence only temporary lust 
They say it’s me against the world, but I have little humans to think of 
I can no longer be selfish 
I came to earth with clipped wings 
But perfectly human 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014

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