Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When the Sun went Cold

My Sun was snatched from the sky 
Living in a cold world no longer lit by you 
My tears freeze before shattering upon the ground 
Broken glass like my broken heart 
Your warmth no longer warms me 
I’m an empty void of nothingness, I can no longer feel 
My emotions are dead, vague memories of yesteryears 
I once felt so much love, so much hope, so much… 
Now I only see you in dreams, if I am privileged with sleep 
My eyes are swollen and my heart is heavy 
I don’t want to live without you here 
Oh God, why did I have to stay here? 
Every day that the wind blows I look up and feel your breath upon my face 
I feel your touch surrounding me 
I love you ever so dearly 
As I lay down to sleep, relax my mind and guide my dreams 
I want to remember happy times and a joyful mind 
I now live in despair 
Afraid to tell people how I really feel, because if I did they’d probably commit me 
My sun no longer shines 
Cold world, frozen tears and endless despair 
You ever tried sleeping with a broken heart 
I can’t sleep in our bed…. 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014 


  1. Tony, your true friends and some people you would least expect are here for you. Just know that where ever you are: church, work or school. You have people that are willing to listen. Maybe when you think someone gives you a fake smile, maybe its real, and they want to be a friend in your time of need.