Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pictures of you

I still look at pictures of you 
Reminiscing on the times we shared 
You consume my thoughts daily 
Especially in the quiet whispers of the night 
Nights when I can almost hear your voice 
Times when the wind blows and I can still feel your touch 
I'm blessed by time captured in pictures 
Pictures of you smiling, frowning or just there with the face of an angel 
My tears still flow, my heart still hurts 
But as you've told me don't weep or be saddened 
I'll always be with you 
You just have to pause 
When the breeze blows that's me 
When the birds chirp to wake you in the morning that's me 
When you stumble, I hope to catch you before you fall 
But I know you, you'll always remain strong 
Now as I look back at pictures 
Even now when I cry from listening to "I Look to You" by Whitney 
I'll always and forever love you 
I'll be strong 
The girls are in good hands 
We're just fine down here 
Till we meet again my love 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014 

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