Monday, April 21, 2014

Free as a Bird in the sky

I was never meant to be caged 
My thoughts were never meant to be imprisoned 
Therefore I speak my mind and do as I please 
Cause not one of you can restrain me 
Physically I might be a slave to my enemies 
Mentally I am a former king still vying for the throne he was relieved of 
Sacrificing my life to raising my seed 
She shall be a queen of a good man’s household 
Not a great man, but a good man 
A man that doesn’t feel as if he should overpower the power my little girl possesses 
A man that understand the plan of his maker 
I’ve witnessed how a man can scam the very thought of being good 
Gambling away livelihoods just to try to live like the rich family on the block 
Or emulate the wealth our parents acquired, I want to do better 
Not a one up but a steady come up 
They never see you till you’ve arrived and by that time you’ve surpassed their simple analysis 
They judge and judge but till they can even the score they’re no real threat 
I’ve often wondered why sheep still need to be led 
Can’t the sheep just do it by themselves instead 
We’re infantile in thoughts, settling for just enough instead of demanding more 
Accountability has become bad words, curse words to the lazy 
I want to be free with my words 
Not restrained by a status quo 
I want to tell you the truth 
Be as real as I can 
Cause when it’s all said in done 
I will not be retrained 
Or imprisoned 
I’ll be free to fly 
As free as a bird in the sky 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014 

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