Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Ode to the Lady who is not perfect

I never felt it was fair to perceive her as just a woman 
Just a being that existed beside me 
She was natural, with a big afro that weather couldn’t blow 
The way she walked, a silky sashay through the room commanding attention 
She was like smooth jazz played at an expensive dinner 
I longed to meet her 
But yet 
I was too caught up in mental fantasies 
Scared to finally face reality and ask her for a simple dance 
She was perfect in every way 
I pictured her moving in tune with me moving to our favorite tune 
Flowing like natural waterfalls as we fall into an intimate embrace 
What a woman I would say 
What a lady on this day 
I finally got the nerve to approach her 
My dreams were being realized before my own eyes 
When fantasy would finally meet reality 
She turns to me 
Dreamy eyes, dreamy eyes 
Sweet lips accented in mahogany lipstick 
My lady, I would like to partake in a sweet embrace 
I would like to move in a sensuous mood 
We danced for an eternity it seemed 
But alas, our song ended 
And as I moved in for a kiss 
She disappeared into a fine, sweet mist 
Perfection is only perceived in the mind 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014


  1. An absolutely wonderful post Tony, I read it twice and loved the last line that sums it all up very well 'Perfection is only perceived in the mind'. Brilliant.

    1. Thank you my friend, i am happy i can still bring it.