Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Revolution will be televised, but when?

Where can a man find justice 
In a world who protest his success 
They say my words are unfair, but what’s unfair about the truth 
You can’t claim reverse racism, I have no capacity to be racist 
I have not the money, influence or fame to obstruct and destroy you 
I’m trying to free minds, not break spines, except with books and rhymes 
The revolution will not be televised because it will only stir falsehoods and propaganda 
I need you to wake up and be active 
You’re not a minority, you’re the majority, but until we’re unified we’re the true face of minority 
Our babies are dying, our men are imprisoned, and our women depend on the government instead of us 
The black man isn’t evil, isn’t threatening, isn’t against you 
We just want to lead our households, raise our children and not depend on someone else to better our community 
Our society 
Our people 
Be proud of who you are 
Be proud to be black 
Because our children can’t begin to be honorable 
Until we teach them they are worth it 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014

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