Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Motivate and Empower: Exceeding Goals and Dreams

Too often you see people in life that are stuck in a rut. People that have no ambition and get comfortable or settle for the misery that is their present. Then you see others that are truly ambitious and the go-getters of the world. They work themselves to the bone but at what cost? It is hard to find that happy medium that balance that we all seek. I’d rather aim high rather than settle low. 
Motivation isn’t a fix all; motivation is but words that are spoken to try to empower a person. Empowerment is putting those motivational words into action, we have to empower a person to achieve more than they think they can. You see the potential in a person, but the goal is to get them to see it for themselves. Once a person is in tune with their true worth, the impact they can have on society, business or other endeavors is phenomenal. A person can only see what view their mind has limited them to, this is why we must empower and not just motivate. 
Often the average American is only aware of a limited amount of opportunities that are available to them and they settle for less or settle for getting by. A minimum wage job isn’t the end all be all, it is but a step on a long staircase. You should never take such a job for granted, nor should you want to settle in that entry level position. Your goal in whatever you do should be to shatter the glass of the perpetual glass ceiling you’ve placed for yourself and aim higher. Reaching your goals and making your dreams come true are up to you, when obstacles are placed in your way, be creative and find a way around them. 
In life we encounter many roadblocks to success, rather than complain of being held back, move forward in a way that wasn’t expected. It’s in our nature to be innovative; we have to change the world around us, so that we may navigate easily through it. No matter the obstacle, no matter the person standing in our way, no matter the personal tragedy and suffering we may face; to exceed our wildest dreams we must be willing to go through it. Anything in life worth having isn’t going to be easy to get to, so keep striving, keep aiming but make sure you’re aiming high. 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014 

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