Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Never Got to Say Goodbye (For my Sister)

A revisit to this poem i wrote for my sister in November of 2008, seems like every November i feel some sort of way. I miss you sis!

A beautiful soul
So lovely a lady
Gone from the world
But not from my heart
These words I speak
Your ear will never hear
Tragedy struck at so young an age
My anger runs deep
Rage burns within
So beautiful your soul
Now floats above
My hearts in pieces
I cried that day
First time in awhile
For a moment I was you
Enduring the struggle
Shedding the tears
Feeling the pain
As the time grew short
Your last breath drawn
Peace replaced the fear in your eyes
Your tortured soul released from its earth bound prison
Memories I hold of you both good and bad
Will remain with me for eternity
Your soul finally resting
My rage is subsiding
Words never said to your living ear
I feel your spirit listening
Forever with me you will remain
My beautiful sister
Katesia Marshae Weathers
(Sept 14, 1980- Oct 27, 2007)
I love you


  1. She was beautiful.
    May her memory be a blessing.

  2. It's always sad when a loved one passes away. The time you had with her was short, but I'm sure you've been left with wonderful memories, even though some may be bitter sweet. I know you and your family will always have her in your hearts.
    A beautiful picture of her too.