Friday, May 10, 2013

Nightmares from the Deep

Was in the poetry writing spirit, i hope you enjoy.

Nightmares from the Deep
Sometimes I dream of misery
Despair consumes my unconscious mind and I become lifeless
I float aimlessly through an empty void filled with the demons of my past
My future stands but a sliver of a chance but that sliver is enough to combat the pain of the moment
Nights like this, I cry raindrops that fall to lost souls on earth
I came apart because I’m torn between life and love
But they are the forces also holding me together
My nightmare is as deep as the deepest ocean as spaced as the unknown universe
Clowns dance on the graves of the unhappy
Trying to make them laugh in a world that stifles humor
I’ll always appreciate reality
Because it’s the only truth I have the luxury of enjoying
Nightmares from the deep are a common occurrence
But just once I want a pleasant dream
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.
May 10, 2013
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