Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Pride Lands

The sun shines on the Pride land daily 
Except for on that dark area over there  
That's where the others live 
The Forgotten of society 
The casualties of our success 
Breed em 
Maybe feed em 
Then leave them in disarray 
In this strange land called America, they have to make their way 
So they rose up and fought for equality and love 
Only to be shot down by the very people they defend 
Constant struggles define my people 
But we'd throw it all away for that almighty dollar 
It makes us dance, shuck, and jive for menial wages 
Demeaning our women and emasculating our men 
Some might disagree and you have that right 
But you can't forget history and the present is no different 
The policies got smarter and the faces have changed 
But our race remains the same 
Uplift the people and society grows 
Degrade the people and society falls 
The people are behind me and they are my strength 
As the fight continues day after day 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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