Saturday, March 9, 2013

Edge of Sanity

Walking on the edge of sanity
Looking down at the many pit falls
I must stay balanced
Many times teetering on rough cliffs
Walking tightropes like circus artist
I'll win best in show
Avoiding totally falling into despair
But still living on the edge of reality
So easy it is to play in fantasy land
Where the rules are non existent
And pink elephants appear in many rooms
Breaking the tension that ensues from rough moods
On the edge of sanity i see a nation with a video game mindset
Thinking they have many lives
But in reality they carry many lives
Killing us one by one
Till there is only one
And that one will be most powerful
But will never meet his potential
He's been bred dumb and trained for war
He's broke, hopeless and angry
But there are no more battles to fight
The war was never won
But neither is it lost


  1. Tony, from the edge one gets a clearer view of reality but doesn't always like what one sees. So that retreat into fantasy where it is so easy to play can be a great temporary relief.

  2. nothingprofound, you are correct and sometimes fantasy isn't any better, because for some it's a permanent bubble of fantasy and they lose touch with reality. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yes, I see the sheep all lined up following one another without a second thought. In reality we must make our own choices and reap the consequences, not forgetting to focus on the here and now rather than the fantasy world.
    We can live on the edge sometimes but we ought to always watch our next step before jumping in. Your poem gave me lots to think about.

  4. I like your poem, Tony. It's like an examination of those WTF moments we've all had at some point in life, where our most deeply held beliefs are subjected to intense scrutiny and questioning because we're disappointed with the rest of the world. All any of us can do is live life like there's no tomorrow, compassionate and unafraid, instead of succumbing to the downward spiral of cynicism.