Sunday, January 11, 2015

Can I Live

The World 
Making excuses for inherent bias 
Unless we are killing and shooting 
No one notices the youth 
Damn shame 
Brains have to be blown by bullets instead of knowledge 
Can we finally acknowledge that it exists? 
Understanding that racism isn’t just a word to be thrown around recklessly 
Further helping the masses turn a blind eye to injustice 
Can I Live 
Can I see tomorrow's glory 
Can I see the twinkle of life that fills my daughters’ eyes? 
You’ll never see it through my eyes 
Hearing the screams of generations 
The toil of the workers hands building his masters lands 
Only to be told you count for naught 
To forget about generations of atrocities too inhuman to ever believe 
To get over the blood, sweat and tears over my ancestors years 
We will not falter 
Being black is not a curse on American lands 
We built it with our bare hands 
We shall see justice 
We will receive equality 
Because to not want more than nothing 
Is to be a slave brainwashed to think that way 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2015

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