Sunday, December 7, 2014

Try to listen to your fellow human

I’m not afraid of police brutality entirely 
I’m afraid for my daughter 
My nephew 
My friend’s child 
My brother 
I’m afraid of the misconceptions of my character without truly knowing me 
I’m afraid of not being seen as human, not being seen as a father to children 
A son to a mother and a brother to a brother 
I’m afraid you’ll judge me by my looks, God I try to look as professional as possible 
I try to fit the mold of an American 
But do I truly fit 
Is it my skin that weathered many centuries of slavery and Jim Crow 
Is it my personality, trying to constantly figure out how I fit and how my daughters fit into this equation 
If black is not American, let’s take away all his accomplishments 
If black is not the world let’s take away all of his accomplishments 
Let’s take away math and science 
Let’s take away the bible and most knowledge 
Don’t hate black skin, unify with it to continue God’s purpose 
To inhabit the world with like-minded beings 
To truly love one another 
Can we acknowledge the true history of the world? 
Can we put egos and biasedness aside to recognize truth? 
Let’s start anew 
Let’s learn from each other 
To better the world that we all live in 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014

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