Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Shoot!!!

Black bodies swinging like of old except these are left out in the streets 
Not even the decency of a sheet to cover the shame of yet another death 
Another injustice masked as self-defense by an over-militarized police force 
Black bodies shot down like animals for the coming slaughter 
Black minds, black times, feels like the 60’s seems as if society hasn’t progressed any 
Guess that’s the price we paid, when these new slaves spoke us into our graves 
Saying massa, everything is ok, we’ll peacefully be led astray 
We’ll let you set up shop, make a couple billion and leave us with slums not worth fixing 
In America, Black men are expendable, black women are disrespected 
Because they took the black male out of the picture and made the corporate government the daddies 
Maybe a change is gonna come 
Maybe the songs we use to sing will ring true one day 
Thing is I’m tired of waiting for one day 
I’m tired of waiting for a change 
I’m tired of waiting 
To finally see the revolution that is eminent, but cautious 
Tired and weary 
I’m tired of these revolutions that last a couple of days 
Motherfuckers with short term memory telling us it’s ok 
It’s not ok for our babies to die 
It’s not ok for our women to depend on anything but God and us 
It’s not ok for our men to be exterminated 
I bet if I yelled self-defense before killing a person my black ass would be under the jail my ancestors built 
Yes, America you are hell and jail 
When a shell can determine life or death for me on a daily 
When my daughter flinches at the sight of police 
When I constantly have to explain myself 
Can’t even be me 
Change did come to America 
They no longer wear sheets 
They now wear uniforms and suits 
Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2014

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