Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who will survive in America? The Government Shutdown 2013

Well, Congress you've gotten your wish. The government is shut down, now what? Do we continue to keep doing this ideology battle every fiscal year or do we finally do something to solve our economic issues without sabotaging and sacrificing the American people? We the people are sick and tired, past fed up and on a “fiscal cliff” to bring up that dreaded phrase again. We simply can’t wait for you all to figure it out and come 2014 elections you all will feel the wrath and pain of America when we send your sorry asses packing.

Don’t think for a minute we’ll just let you screw up and continue business as usual. Republicans, Democrats and Independents will all feel it and if we mobilize enough people we can replace all of you. Administrations come and go but the American people even with all of our differences are united in one thing, our distaste for the continuous gridlock that plagues our government. This is a true embarrassment of monumental proportions; we can’t be an example of leadership, sound government, a moral compass, a social juggernaut and other titles that have been bestowed upon us acting like this. I've sat in kindergarten classes more organized and compromising that Congress has been for the last 50 years.

What example are we setting for those said kindergartners about compromise and playing fair? What are we truly teaching them about our great democracy? We’re certainly not acting like a democracy and we have no right to tell another country how to act when we don’t and have not followed our own demands. We've had a civil war and those differences still plague us, we've tortured our own citizens, we've destroyed cities, towns, states and countries, we've terrorized, we've lynched, we've done all of the atrocities that we pretend to care about with other countries. Now we destroy even more lives by shutting down the very thing we all voted to have.

Government isn't perfect, but it is necessary and in the next few days, weeks or months of this shutdown we’ll see just how important it is. We can no longer complain, we need to come to a consensus and vote for the least corrupt and most compromising, We need representatives, senators and presidents that have a soul, have a moral conscious and are directly tied to the greed of the bad side of capitalism. We've shut the government down, now what? On the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), it may not be the most perfect law, but then again no law is, my support of it is the fact that preexisting conditions can no longer be denied coverage. My future wife has cancer and no insurance company, not even Medicaid would accept her, we dealt with the debt and heartache, pain and suffering from no insurance. She now has insurance thanks to expansion of Medicaid and even with Obamacare insurance companies are still weary of giving her insurance even at the most expensive rate.

Yes, I support Obamacare, because we actually need it and I’m sure it was a blessing to many others with preexisting conditions, who by no fault of their own were denied coverage before. The gridlock must stop, you must learn Congress, Mr. President and all others that not only must you defend America; you must also help your fellow man.

Who will survive in America, the people will always survive, and the government on the other hand I can’t really say for sure. 

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