Thursday, July 4, 2013

Good Ole' Days

Do you remember the olden days 
Are you just imagining yesterday 
Dreaming of a yesteryear that never existed except in the mind of the dreamer 
Do you remember the good ole days 
Or was it just imagination 
A child's wonder that couldn't be shattered by a horrible reality 
When you could play outside on a lazy summer day 
Never worrying about life, just expecting it to last forever 
Or till the streetlights saved you from the whooping of a lifetime 
When the crickets and frogs sang songs in the middle of the night 
When life seemed to flow without interruption 
Yea, I remember the good ole days, or what we perceived as good 
Maybe we were naive, maybe lost in thoughts consumed with what we're doing for the summer 
Maybe today's child has an understanding they need not have 
Maybe they just need to be kids again 
Maybe just maybe 
They can enjoy the life of a child 
And not worry about the mess the adults have created 
Just maybe 

Tony L. Jefferson, Jr. 2013

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