Sunday, August 5, 2012

Recharge your Sunday

     However, you plan to spend your Sunday, remember the most important thing to do is recharge. Recharge your body, heart, and mind. Monday is right around the corner and you'll be starting a whole new week of life. So if you have the opportunity to rest and relax, make sure that's what you do. 
      Whatever you do to take your mind off of things do it. Some folks go to church, some spend time at their local coffee shops, some read, I'll be spending mine writing and solving mysteries with my daughter on Micky Mouse Clubhouse. 
      Without at least one day to recharge, we are failing ourselves and letting our body know that we don't care about our wellbeing. We become depressed, fatigued and easily susceptible to things we'd usually be prepared to tackle. 
 How will you spend your Sunday? 

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