Monday, December 16, 2013

Coffee for Black America Wake Up!

35% unemployment, 94% black male prison percentage 35.4, Black America is 13.1% of the population of the US. What's going on here? Are we really that asleep and naive to the problems of our people? We're nearing extinction as a people and were worried about others rights. Before your sex and gender were known, people knew you'd be black. You're black before you're anything else, so why not focus on those particular issues.

Other groups have taken the energy out of our movements, aligned themselves with our struggle and we think it's ok. 98% of it ancestors were brought here, we didn't immigrate, we're the only planned minority. Were also the only minority group without a plan to empower or people. We're too busy empowering other groups and joining causes that have nothing to do with the betterment of black people.

 We need unity, we need communities without that everything we attempt to do will fail. Others are unified, aren't ashamed of whom they are, fight for the rights they know they deserve and keep their money and power at their base. We've got to close the sieve that's leaking our best into the rest, we have to be proud of being black, stop taking each other and letting people make money from it. At the end of the day light skinned, dark, brown, mixed and other were a diaspora of many united in hate for one another and this is our downfall. We can't wait on help, we have to be it.

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