Monday, January 28, 2013

Lost Souls

It seems as if we have lost ourselves, we no longer fight the good fight, and instead we attack and try to annihilate the opposition instead of working together. Where do lost souls go when life gets too tough? It seems they die off and are reborn into hate. We no longer have intelligent debate; instead we bicker as children masking hate into well-meaning causes. We misconstrue the truth, while brainwashing the masses into believing our message of destruction.

We are not a democracy; we are a broken union of individual republics, ruled by power hungry tyrants with an endless money flow. We are lost souls on a path to ruin, slowly destroying education so the blind lead the dumb into a fictional Mayberry. We cannot contain the hate we feel, we lash out like imperial drug lords, spreading manifest destiny a pretty word for world domination. We have truly lost our way, but I’m convinced we never had it. We have never believed in equality, we have never believed in unity, we have never believed in intelligence. Power is our only motivation, we don’t need fame, we only need to control behind the scenes. Manipulating others like puppets in our own stage show. 

We are not a democracy, we are a blatant lie.  The land of opportunity is instead the land of oppression and judgmental people. We can stand to see another succeed for fear we won’t get our slice of the good ole pie. We hate to see the bottom rise, thinking they can’t coexist at the top.

We feel that we are entitled to freedom instead of fighting for it. I’m grown sick and disgusted with the society of the world, a bunch of lost souls afraid to find themselves. We are afraid of change for fear our way of life will falter and die, instead of embracing it and changing for the better. We don’t want freedom, we want to be controlled and manipulated like pimps do whores. We want to be provided for without first trying to find pour own solution. We bend and twist the word of God to fit our own twisted realities, in turn creating fantasies. We restrict harmless things and allow the harmful to prosper. Why do we as people live to die? Death is a certain reality, so live to love.

You can’t support by destroying whatever is left, you can’t love if your heart holds hate, and you can’t truly win if you've never lost. We think life is a game, but it is a gift. We’re the game, trying to work the system for financial gain, brainwashing our citizens for personal fame. We are the game, playing roulette with our most powerful emotion, loving and leaving our futures. We are the game, legislating stupidly and preaching stupidity, neglecting our young sons and daughters, abusing our life bearing women, systematically destroying our strong willed men. 

We are our problem, not some foreign adversary, not a social program, not taxes, not stimulus, not spending, not prison, not poverty. Our failures to love and uplift, the breakdown of community, our standards of morality, are what is missing in society. We chase the almighty dollar instead of chasing the Almighty.

Until we do right by each other, we will fail. Until we love and I mean Love unconditionally. We’ll continue to be lost souls forever trying to find our way, but never quite getting there.

Lost Souls!

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